2013-11-05 (Tuesday)

Morning walk back from the gym, carry 6kg home.

05a 05b

Oooh, look! New format graphs!

Basis rolled out a major update overnight, and have improved things quite a lot.

Here’s today’s so far:


You can see the new “walking” activity as a grey column. (Still haven’t got a replacement bike, so that’s not going to show, nor is running…)

You can also overlay more info streams, which was a real failing of the old system.

Also, they’ve made some excellent changes to the band display – the new “BodyIQ” (the above is part of that) now shows “real-time recognition for walking, running and biking at your wrist. Just get moving and you’ll start seeing your activity tracked on your Basis band display. It’s like an automatic stopwatch – no manual start or stop required.”

Seems to work quite well so far. Biking is a new one, which they’ve clearly been struggling with (can’t use the pedometer), so that’s going to be interesting to see how that goes. (Can’t check it as I still don’t have a replacement bike…)

Also: “You can also get daily cumulative totals for the duration and calories burned for each type of activity. Get real-time feedback on how your morning bike commute or walk at lunch helped you hit your activity or caloric burn goals.”


Both these things are good.

I still wish they’d get more proactive with he phone apps – get it to yell at you if you’ve been sitting for too long, or if you need to rack up some steps to get to you goal for that segment of the day.

But things are moving, which is good.

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