Tracking the data

OK, so it’s just basic tracking of the data in an Excel spreadsheet. Basis hasn’t made an API (or even a basic export facility) available, so there’s no useful way to get data from it.

For example, it tells you how long your longest non-standing/moving period was for the day, but not WHEN it was, which would be a useful piece of information.

So this is all done by hand, simply copying numbers, which is decidedly low tech…

There’s a little bit of simple conditional formatting – total steps highlights at 10K (yellow at best recorded), calories and the rolling seven-day calorie average at 3K.

I used to have a column for gym days, which I deleted – wish I’d kept it, as it shows I burn more and more often when I’m NOT supposed to be going to the gym.

Also, when I’m out walking, it’s about 1500 steps/km, it seems.



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