2013-10-26 (Saturday)

Shooting @ PI. Strange thing I’ve noticed – I do a significant number of steps on shooting days (12K or so, pretty much as normal for the last few weeks), burn a significant number of calories (3-500 more than normal), and yet don’t get even half an hour of “Move it” (activity) time, unlike each “normal” day, when I have no trouble getting there. Also slightly weird is the “Don’t be a Sitter” (“From 9-5, get up every hour”) reading, where I only sit down in order to drive from one point to another and yet it says I spent 40 minutes idle/sitting yesterday in one stint, which I certainly did not.

A public API for the Basis Band would be a good thing, as I could then (hopefully) break this down a bit from the very basic info the Basis give out.

26a 26b

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