2013-09-14 (Saturday)

Shooting Tough Mudder. Seriously hard work, mostly standing in the one area 🙂

It was at Phillip Island GP track, so I was on familiar territory…

Got to the track at about 6:45, briefing at 7, first wave out of the chute at 8. Shot the start for a while – in the chute, coming out, etc., then walked off down the main straight to get some promo shots with the “Melbourne Australia” sign above the runners, then went up into the starter’s box above the track to get some shooting down ones.

Then off to the finish line to shoot portraits of the 9000 finishers with the (mostly backlit) finishline gantry behind them. From about 9:42 until 6pm. In what ended up being 10-12cm deep clay mud. With a 1DmkIV, 240-70 and 580EXII flash. One 10 minute break in the afternoon.

My right forearm cramped a couple of times in the afternoon (not for too long), but the real problems were really sore eyes, and incredibly sore feet. Unbelievably sore feet. Did I mention the mud was insane? a couple of kilos (at least) on each foot at all times.

No idea what happening here with the Basis data – as you can see, the HR data is missing big chunks. Yet again. At least it seems to have recorded the other data this time.

Still, a 3964 calorie burn is a new best. (As is 3956, which the Insights panel shows. What?)

14a 14b

Dud HR recording in detail…


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