2013-08-30 (Friday)

OK, ANOTHER massive data loss by the Basis Band. (Last week’s here.) I’m getting really fed up with it now. How are you supposed to keep stats with this happening?

30b 31pre

(The Saturday graph seems to be OK after I woke up and plugged in at a stupid time of the morning.)

This one is weird, because I KNOW it’s been recorded by the band, at least partially. At about 9pm or so I was at about 4987 steps, according to the band, as that meant I had to get another 13 steps to get that habit for the day. This number is not reflected in the recorded information, though.

However, as we can see from the above, there’s two massive holes – midday to mid-afternoon, and mid evening until early morning.

As usual, the only time I took it off was to shower (10:30ish), so about 7:20 or so has gone missing from Friday across two segments, plus the first three or so hours of Saturday.

I’m pretty sure it’s not the battery, as I’ve been attaching it several times a day (which charges the battery), and the indicator hasn’t been dipping below even about 80 percent. (This assumes that the battery indicator is correct, but it has been in the past.)

I’ve now unpaired it from the phone to see if has anything to do with it (not that you can really tell with a sample population of one). The phone app is pointless anyway, as it does nothing proactive at all, just reports. Well, brilliant.



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