2013-08-21 (Wednesday)

Struggletown, but gym anyway.

However – massive data hole, including gym time. Not impressed. These figures don’t make sense, even if you accept the four hour hole.

Even simple stuff like the steps don’t add up properly (this is not a rare occurrence, TBH, but this is massively out), and the calories burned number is just ridiculously low.

I’m pretty sure that the band was showing the correct data at the time – ie I looked it at the gym (2:30ish) and it was showing the right things like steps, HR.

Very underwhelmed. what’s the point of a data recorder if it doesn’t record the data?

And no, it’s not a flat battery, the battery was topped right up. The only real time I’ve had an issue with the battery was with the abysmal first version of their android app, which was appalling, but that seems to be OK now.

And it’s not a loose fit – it’s overly (rather annoyingly) tight, due to the horrible band.

Here’s the usual calorie/heartrate graph:21b

Here’s the blow up of the middle of the day:


here’s the whacko habits chart for the day:21d

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