Basis data examples

One of the really cool things about the Basis Band is the ease of seeing the data. Not much point having it if you can’t get to it easily.

Here’s the “habits” page, which is like the dashboard for the data. Really useful. You’ll see I didn’t get to my 1000 steps before midday, so I’ve got the red progress bar. Got everything else, though.


You can also look at the previous month, with data like calories, steps, etc., setup as a heat map. Also very good for an overview.


Unfortunately, this screen here shows that the band isn’t entirely faithful in recording data every second. (All the little grey lines at the bottom in the timeline are “no data”.) It’s really annoying, and it does it fairly regularly. I really hate the strap – it’s one with holes, so it’s impossible to get exactly right in terms of how tight it is, which leads to the data loss, I suspect. (The sensors are on the back of the watch and need to make good skin contact to work properly.)


There’s an android app coming (then an iOS one), but that’s being delivered (and communicated about) the same as the band was – late and no info. They’re consistent, at least. Shame they’ve got ZERO idea about how to talk to customers.

Still, despite the shortcomings, it’s been very useful. Very very good. it’s helped my lose 10KG so far this year.

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