Creativelive – please do the simple things properly!

Creativelive is a great concept – stream workshops live (in low quality, for obvious reasons), and if you like them enough, buy them so you can watch them in HD at your leisure.

But man, they are not quality- or detail-oriented in any way. Apart from the poor (work-experience?) hosting/direction/production/editing, the final copy of the video is often also poor. (Ignore for the meantime the terrible choices they have made with some of the instructors, who clearly haven’t been vetted for, you know, an ability to teach.)

But even the simple things continue to elude them. I’ve just bought the 28 Days with Sue Bryce series, as Sue is an EXCELLENT teacher, and it’s worth picking through all the above to get what she’s teaching.

But man – here’s what you’re confronted with when you download the first two week’s worth of videos:CL-dogs-breakfast-naming

How do you make sense of that? Multiple naming conventions, zero organisation, no idea what goes where. Where do you start?

(Just dowloaded Day 14, and that doesn’t have numbers at all. Deadset useless.)

It’s simple enough to fix (when you consult the download page, check things, etc.), but why should I have to spend the time just because they can’t be bothered thinking about their paying customers?

It’s sadly indicative of the way they do everything – just sloppy and with zero attention to anything approaching detail.

2 thoughts

  1. Agree the content is poor I have watched several hours today of fluff and dancing on stage, yes I said dancing and this is marketed as leading marketing content ha I’m still waiting to aha but just getting more ha ha. I would not pay for this material from creativelive Frankly is a joke.


    1. Cindy, not all of the content is poor, some of it is awesome. I have bought several courses (Zack, Sue) but the production quality and the backend “organisation” is very very poor.


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