2012-03-06 (Wednesday)

Just cardio at the gum today – too tired by the time I got there. I had to take something to a shop 30 minutes away to get a replacement (bloody-mindedness, as I was annoyed with them) yesterday afternoon, and managed to talk myself into going to the gym because the aircon had just been fixed 🙂

In related news, Centro Whitehorse (Box Hill) is insane to get around, utterly atrocious. It’s like being in a maze designed by psychs to see how rats cope. Also, it’s in BOX HILL, so why are they charging for parking? I can go to Victoria Gardens (in RICHMOND, which is well inner-city) and get the first hour free, and BOX HILL is charging? Spare me.

Also, Harris Scarfe is a PITA to do returns to when you’ve bought online (or in store, I suspect). Unlikely to buy from there again. “Just return it to your local store,” says online. Well, I don’t have a local store, that’s why I bought it online. The nearest is – you guessed it – BOX HILL.

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