Android fitness apps – SportsTrackerPro

Ok, the second installment, this time looking at SportsTrackerPro (the paid version).

Ok, straight up, I don’t like this as much as iCardio. It’s good, and probably does a lot more, but I’m not really a fan of the presentation (which is in your face the whole time at the gym doing cardio).

Here’s a couple of screenshots from the Google Play store:



And here’s a couple of reality:



As you can see, nothing like the same. No coloured background zones on the graph, nor on the tacho-style HR monitor. (If anyone knows if there’s a secret setting, please let me know 🙂

It’ would be nice if you could setup the UI separately for landscape and portrait, but it does let you add screens, so you can set one for each, assuming you don’t need them to display different data. A bit of a pain, but hey, at least it does landscape, unlike iCardio.

You can also choose what each section in the screen shows you, so you can customise each one to show what you want. Being able to delete sections – in order to just see the data you want – would be great, but you can’t do that. Can’t have everything.

Also, the initial interface/UX is pretty poor:


“Start” fires up with the GPS, while the “HR only” isn’t actually HR only, it’s “Not GPS” (i.e. good for the gym) which is entirely unclear, and not at all helped by their almost complete lack of decent manual/help systems. (The live modes feed back to the cloud continuously, so you can compare with a friend doing the same thing, or something.)

It also appears you can’t shut it up – even muting the phone doesn’t stop it talking at you. REALLY frustrating.

And it’s another one that won’t sync automatically. Seriously? Having to manually sync events is archaic. (And syncing it a PITA.)


It’s got a “training program” mode, where you can setup a series of steps for either HR or speed or pace to keep to (or it yells at you), but I can’t see a lot of use for it, as it’s very basic, and it’s only got granularity of 30sec, but maybe it’s actually good.


The online info isn’t bad, although I prefer iCardio.


Social media – it’s easy to share to FB, but it’s not as attractive or as info-friendly as iCardio:



  • Real-time HR monitor
  • can turn GPS off
  • easy to share to social media
  • cheapish
  • switches screen orientation properly


  • UI is pretty bad until you’ve lucked your way into learning it
  • can’t shut it up easily (even by muting the phone)
  • not attractive to use
  • Can’t auto-sync

TLDR: It’s OK, but I prefer iCardio.

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