Honeycomb twitter clients

Well, I’ve tried a few twitter clients since I got my Acer A500 10.1” tablet, and for me, the best is Tweetcomb.

(What I really want is for Tweetdeck to release a tablet version, and I’d like that tablet version to mimic the desktop. But they’ve just been bought by twitter, so who knows what will happen there, and when?)

Tweetcomb is clearly my favourite of the available tablet apps, because it’s the most efficient for my workflow. It’s an efficiently designed workspace, and although I’d like a little more customisation, it’s pretty good as is. (Here’s an old screenshot, without the “lists” option showing top-left.)


Tweetcomb works on a three-column layout (except for the Dashboard, which can have more, and is swipable horizontally), and has four “screens”. In the top left of the menu bar, it’s got four headings – Dashboard, Profile, Search and Lists for switching between the screens at a touch. Further right it’s got global Refresh, new Status Update, Profile Search (which lets you search on a twitter username), and a drop-down list for swapping accounts, dashboard customisation, and settings.

Dashboard is the customisable panel – you can choose any of the following: overall timeline (i.e. everything posted by people you follow, etc.), Mentions (i.e. when your twitter name is mentioned in a tweet), Direct messages, Favorites, My Timeline (just my tweets), Searches, Lists.

Profile is your Profile, Timeline, Favourites

Search is, possibly not surprisingly, up to three saved searches you’ve set up.

Lists is up to three lists you follow.

The lack of ability to customise the order of columns in the dashboard is frustrating – if I could choose my own order, I’d like it more. It’s not bad, it’s just not the same as Tweetdeck on the desktop, despite being the same paradigm, so it’s a little confusing when switching.

It is possible to switch accounts, but it’s not possible to have more than one running, and it seems to leave the dashboard info with the first account you authorised?

The settings list is extensive – really extensive – and includes how often it checks for new info, which is nice (and often overlooked). Notification settings could be better – it’s good, in that you can take the main timeline out of the equation, but Tweetdeck allows you to setup notifications by column, meaning I can get it to show me new tweets in my “a-list”, for example, which isn’t possible here.

Overall, though, it wins because it’s user-friendly for people with lists, which should be everyone who uses twitter properly.

Plume is another that looks good, but doesn’t give the functionality I like – it’s three column, which is great, but to change any of the columns, you have to touch the dropdown arrow at the top of a column and then select the new view you want for that column. Nothing like as efficient as Tweetcomb. Also has ads at the top of columns, where Tweetcomb doesn’t have ads.

Tweetcaster HD (beta) – I tried this, and it does appeal visually. it looks great. But the way it handles lists – a vital part of twitter use these days – is ridiculous. It’s like some “poor cousin” add-on. #listfail

Seesmic has something coming, apparently, but if it’s in the market, I can’t see it. Their single-column version is as hopeless on a tablet as you’d expect.

Any I’ve missed?

Tweetcomb FTW!

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