I’m studying my BA Communications Honours at Deakin, looking at how journalism is currently and rapidly returning to its roots from hundreds of years ago. My plan is to finish the thesis early next year, then do a Ph.D. If that doesn’t happen, I have no idea what I’ll do with myself, so I’m working pretty hard on the honours. Admission – I’ve taken 2018 off in order to try to get the depression under control, as it was making studying (at any level) impossible.

I was at Monash (2015), but admin screwups (I thought I was deferring because medical (i.e. depression) but discovered when I went to re-enrol that I’d been failed…) saw me having to move, and apart from the immense stress involved in that process, I’m very glad it’s happened. (Well, Deakin’s location really sucks. REALLY REALLY sucks.)

My degree is from Curtin in Perth (which was a good school – g’day Laurence, Les and Rick if you ever read this 🙂 and I graduated with distinction in 2000. I got told I topped our class, but that was never confirmed in any way, but I like it anyway 🙂

I started my honours at Curtin (2008), but got moved to Melbourne by work a few weeks into it. Coincidentally, the gent who was running honours at Curtin when I started there is now head of school at Deakin.

I’ve got a solid and extensive background in writing, subbing, CMS, TV, radio, media management, all of which helps when you’re studying media. Nothing quite like the experience of doing these things for an extended period of time to give perspective, if only anecdotally.

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