Fitness apps for Android with Polar HRM compatibility

It’s late 2012.

Given the obesity epidemic here, (and more to the point, in the US), you would think that there would be a glut of fitness apps for your phone that worked with a chestband (or armband) heart rate sensor.

But no, there’s really not too many.

And not many reviews, either, so I’ll test them for you and write them up here πŸ™‚

Ones I’m looking at (so far):

  • Cardio trainer
  • iCardio
  • trainANDtrack
  • SportyPal
  • EndomondoPro
  • HRnavi
  • SportsrTracker Pro

I went to the stupidly-named Google Play Store and put in “polar HRM” and “fitness HRM” and the above showed up and looked usable.

What do I want the app to do?

  • Clear readout of HR
  • graph showing the various zones with a live HR track
  • calories burned for the session (EXCESS calories would be even better, but seems unlikely)
  • good social media interaction (primarily facebook)
  • decently customisable audio alerts
  • Good single use, weekly, monthly, annual, lifetime data
  • Good ability to display that data
  • Be usable at the gym, not just if I’m outside with a GPS signal. (Yes, I know the phone can do GPS. That doesn’t make it a mandatory inclusion. Let me switch it off if I don’t want to use it.)

So, I’m hunting. Any suggestions would be terrific.

I’ll evaluate the various apps, and write them up, and I’ll update this post with links to the reviews.

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