Coles – “Down down” appears to mean service standards

Why have rainchecks if they don’t get honoured?

A couple of weeks ago Coles had the Sistema kitchen plastics on special, and I bought several from the Richmond (Church St) store. However, they had none of the Bakery 2.4L on hand, so I got a rain check for six. On going back to the store today, I got the items and took them to the service desk and was directed to the register attached.

I then discovered that the person issuing the R/C had written 2.8L not 2.4L and this was used to reject the raincheck, despite the items being the same price, and having been on special for the same discount.

I’m not sure if this was an accident on the part of the person writing the raincheck, but the error was jumped on with glee by the person at the service desk, and I was basically told “Bad luck, it’s different, the raincheck has to be identical”, end of story.

It’s fair to say I was completely underwhelmed by the initial error, then the jubilant use of that error to dismiss the claim, despite the initial and discounted prices being the same on both items.

So I’m really glad to have wasted my time and fuel to drive back to the store to claim my goods, only to have someone very happy to send me away based on the most minor of technicalities, which was caused by your staff anyway.

Hardly a good look for Coles, and also not good was that I didn’t buy the other items in the trolley, but headed to Woolies and bought them there.

Nicely played, Coles.

(This is basically the feedback email I sent them.)


Coles got back to me, and then I got a call from the manager at the shop, Peter Moore, and it was sorted out nicely, so good work them.

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