Good work Spreets

Good work by Spreets here, poor effort by which was supposed to supply a “Pack of Aromatherapy Oils PLUS Diffuser Delivered to Your Door”.(Gotta love title case…)

Paid, sent the email as directed, waited.

And waited.

Sent an email to the info address, and got a “we’ve had supplier issues (they went on holidays!) but we’re on top of it now!” canned response.

Send the same email a few weeks later, got basically the same canned response.

Contacted Spreets, and they sent this back:

[‘Thanks for your email. We have been advised by some customers that they have received their products. The business has experienced a communication breakdown and we are currently resolving each customer’s request.’]
[‘In this situation, we have decided that it is best to provide you a refund due to the inconvenience caused.’]
[‘Please accept our apology for the inconvenience caused and we thank you for your patience. I have just processed your refund, and you should see the money credited to your credit card within a few working days.’]
[‘Spreets Support’]

Can’t complain about that from Spreets.

(Site is now down as well, possibly not surprisingly…)

One thought

  1. just like you and probably many others i had the same experience with this jason geraghty waiting for my aromatherapy oils to come,what a cheat and low life, and he has the nerve to still advertise himself as a reputable business person, new ventures, more unsuspecting people to cheat on and thieve from.

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